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当家庭中出现纠纷时,你可能会试图自己找出解决办法. 但有些家庭问题不是握手或口头协议就能解决的. That’s when you need our New Albany family law attorney.

Whether you need advice about a divorce or other family law issues, Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law has the experience and compassion to find the best solution. Call us today at 812-725-8224.

Why Choose Our Family Law Lawyer in Indiana

Trust Our New Albany Family Law Attorney for Help With Your Situation

在CLLB律所,我们了解人们在处理家庭法案件时所面临的挑战. 我们团队中的一些成员可能经历过与您所面临的类似的情况. 我们理解卷入冲突的不确定性和担忧,您需要聘请我们的家庭法律律师.

我们的新奥尔巴尼家庭法律师会尽我们所能了解你的情况. We want to know the issues that are giving you worry, and we want to understand your goals for the outcome. 我们的家庭法律师努力工作,以赢得每一位客户的信任, 因为我们知道,除非您完全信任我们,否则我们无法尽我们所能代表您. We may need to discuss things that are uncomfortable, which further drives home the importance of having complete trust in us.

CLLB Law’s Clients Appreciate the Service We Provide

Our family lawyer takes whatever time is necessary to talk with clients, because we know this approach works. Later, 这些客户告诉我们,他们非常欣赏我们对细节的关注,以及我们愿意付出额外的努力来帮助他们. We are proud of what our clients have to say about us, because it shows we are representing our clients successfully.

Attorney Dana Eberle leads the team on the family law side. As a trusted family law lawyer in Indiana, 她知道在离婚这件事上有一个值得信赖的代表站在你这边的重要性, child custody, and adoption cases. Having gone through her own divorce more than a decade ago, 艾伯利律师很清楚这类案件会让人情绪起伏. 随着案件的进展,她努力帮助你尽可能地放松下来.

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Our Family Lawyer Fully Understands the Divorce Process

CLLB Law Can Advise You on All Aspects of Divorce and Separation

Divorce is one of the most common family law issues. You may assume that when a marriage ends amicably, you don’t need a divorce lawyer. 但是,尽管印第安纳州法院提供了处理自己离婚所需的所有表格, one small mistake on these forms could have serious consequences. Once a divorce decree is final, you’re most likely stuck with its terms for a long time, even if an honest mistake occurred.

You want to ensure the best possible outcome for your children, while protecting your financial well-being. 在没有父母的帮助下,父母不应该试图协商监护权或抚养义务 child custody lawyers, because the laws and guidelines can be difficult to interpret. 通过寻求法律帮助来保护你自己和你的孩子. 今天致电我们的新奥尔巴尼家庭法律师812-725-8224讨论您的案件.

Our Indiana Family Law Attorney Will Work Tirelessly on Your Behalf

Our New Albany Family Law Attorney Can Help You in Multiple Areas

Family law is not just about divorce. Some areas of the law concern building a family structure, rather than ending one, and our New Albany family law attorney can help you with all of it.

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Common Questions for Our New Albany Family Law Attorney

FAQs: We Make Family Law Situations Easier to Understand

当客户拜访我们在印第安纳州的家庭法律师时,他们经常有很多问题. This is understandable. 毕竟,这可能是你人生中第一次遇到家庭法问题. 我们每天都在处理这些情况,所以我们随时准备回答你的问题. To give you an idea of how we approach cases, 以下是我们的印第安纳州家庭法律师听到的一些最常见问题的答案.

  • Can your New Albany family law attorney lower my child support payments?

    我们理解,面对极高的子女抚养费可能会令人沮丧. If you believe your ex-spouse is hiding income, our New Albany family law attorney will investigate the situation and, if warranted, seek a change in the child support judgment.

  • Can your family lawyer help me with co-parenting conflicts?

    拥有一个友好的共同抚养环境通常对孩子和父母都是最好的. However, our family lawyer understands that this can be a challenge, especially if fights were common when your relationship was active. We can provide resources, such as Up to Parents and Our Family Wizard, that provide advice on developing successful co-parenting skills.

  • Does Indiana law favor mothers over fathers in family law cases?

    印第安纳州处理家庭法律情况的法律并没有明确规定,在离婚或子女监护情况下,母亲应该比父亲得到更好的待遇. 我们的新奥尔巴尼家庭法律律师在这些案件中代表母亲和父亲, and we focus on achieving the best results for all our clients.

  • 在印第安纳州,如果父母双方都有一半的时间照顾孩子,我需要支付孩子抚养费吗?

    如果父母双方的收入水平大致相同如果父母双方有大约50/50的照顾协议, it is possible that neither parent will need to pay child support. However, if one parent makes quite a bit more money than the other parent, a child support judgment is likely against the higher income parent, even if both parents share custody time about evenly.

  • 我需要一个新奥尔巴尼家庭法律师来帮我处理领养案件吗?

    Although some adoption cases may seem simple, 我们的新奥尔巴尼家庭法律律师知道,复杂情况可能会突然出现. Should a problem appear, 您会很高兴我们的新奥尔巴尼家庭法律师代表您,帮助您解决这些问题,并保持您的收养案件走上正轨.

当你面对关于家庭法的不确定性时,它可能会非常令人不安. It can affect all areas of your life. 让我们的家庭法律团队以冷静、有策略的方式帮助您解决问题. And let us answer questions you are having about how the process works, hopefully putting your mind at ease.

Our Family Law Attorney Treats Every Case As a Unique Situation


Everyone knows someone who, at one time or another, needed a divorce lawyer, needed assistance from child custody lawyers, or needed help from child support attorneys in order to mediate family law disputes. 试图单独解决此类争端可能,而且通常确实会使事情变得更加复杂. Why? Because your cousin’s divorce is different from yours. 你最好朋友的监护权之争和你的完全不同. 你妈妈同事的侄女在子女抚养费上可能受到了不公平待遇, but that doesn’t mean you will.

当你与非法律专业人士讨论这些情况时,有大量的虚假和不正确的信息从各个方向向你投掷. Don’t rely on this information. Instead, call our Indiana family law attorney today. 我们的团队已经亲自和专业地处理过每一种可能的家庭法情况. We know how to separate the misconceptions in family law from the truths. 我们了解法院制度,以及在家庭法情况下谈判是如何进行的, because we’re immersed in them every day.

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家庭法律问题可以激起人们的许多负面情绪——痛苦, sadness, embarrassment, and resentment. However, 我们希望您知道我们的新奥尔巴尼家庭法律师站在您这边,您会感到欣慰. Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law handles all family law cases with sensitivity, respect, and discretion. However, 不要以为我们对你的处境的同情意味着我们不会为你想要看到的结果而努力奋斗. 在谈判和法庭案件中面对不公平的情况,我们不会退缩. After all, your future is on the line.

如果您需要帮助,请填写我们的bet9九州体育登录表格或拨打812-725-8224. Court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client.

Client Testimonial

”Dana just help me finalize my divorce in what felt like record time! She was always very responsive and informative. 我不知道这个过程是如何进行的,她帮助我,为我的孩子们争取最好的. 她做得很好,确保所有的事情都被涵盖了,我不能要求一个更简单的过程!!” – Olivia Bentley (Google Review)

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