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遗产规划 & 印第安纳州的老年法


如果你或你所爱的人需要为他们的长期医疗保健和财务状况做计划, 与我们的遗产规划律师合作. 我们的房地产律师帮助家庭找到解决方案,以管理他们的老年护理需求,不仅保持他们的长期财务健康, but also the long-term health of their family relationships. 教会的目标, 兰登, Lopp, 巴内特法是为了让家人继续关注老龄化最重要的方面:一起享受生活.

我们的事务所位于新奥尔巴尼,我们的律师居住在周边地区. 我们的 lives and families are interwoven with the fabric of this community. Using our legal background to address issues facing the elderly, 丘奇的老律师, 兰登, Lopp, Banet法律 have helped our neighbors with the challenges faced by aging spouses, 父母和祖父母.

我们的 Experienced 遗产规划 Attorneys Can Help You Plan for Future Needs

If you need help with the challenges and concerns confronting you 或者你爱的人, or if you just want to make sure that you are prepared for the future, we invite you to speak with one of our estate planning attorneys. 拨打812-725-8224,让我们帮助您探索法律解决方案,以满足您的长期护理需求.

你的未来是什么样的? 遗产规划如何让你到达那里?

最近的一次 手机应用程序 让你瞬间变老,看看80岁的“你”会是什么样子. For many of us, we only have to look in our parents’ faces to see ourselves. Although reversing roles with Mom or Dad can be stressful and full of anxiety, 一些准备和基于解决方案的帮助可以帮助你专注于真正重要的事情.

是否为自己的未来着想, 代表配偶或父母行事的, 或者作为一个富有同情心的看护者寻求信息, 我们的新奥尔巴尼地产律师有能力帮助您确定老年护理解决方案.


医疗保险 is a federal health insurance program supported by mandatory payroll deductions, 它主要为65岁以上的人bet9九州体育登录. 受助人可按月支付保费, 基于“工作学分”——与一个人被雇佣的时间有关的数字. The program has four separate parts addressing specific health needs. 部分, 例如, 通常支付一些短期费用, 由医生开具的家庭医疗帮助, 但它不会支付长期的监护费用. D部分提供处方药保险. 了解更多关于 医疗保险索赔.

医疗补助计划 provides a long-term care program utilizing both federal and state components. 医疗补助计划 recipients typically pay very little for covered medical expenses. 如果你65岁以上的父母符合养老院的条件,该计划可能包括家庭护理或日间bet9九州体育登录. A person may receive 医疗补助计划 and 医疗保险 benefits concurrently. 阅读更多关于 医疗补助索赔.

社会保障 福利支付给退休和残疾人员,也可能支付给寡妇或鳏夫. If your parent’s 社会保障 benefits were earned based on lower-paying jobs, 如果福利是唯一的收入来源, 申请补充安全收入(SSI)计划可能会获得更大的每月福利-我们可以帮助您确定并填写文件.

退伍军人 好处有几个类型和层次. 例如, 如果你年迈的父母是一名退伍军人,由于与服役有关的残疾需要持续的医疗照顾, 申请医疗福利, hospitalization and prescription drugs may be submitted.

我们位于新奥尔巴尼的遗产律师可以帮助您探索长期和遗产规划的可用选项,这将使您和您的家人在未来受益. Call us today for help with your planning at 812-725-8224.



超过1000万50岁以上的美国人承担起照顾父母的基本责任, chances are you have a family member or friend in this situation. 越来越多的婴儿潮一代发现自己成了“三明治一代”——在同时照顾孩子和父母之间左右为难.

我们的遗产规划律师可以帮助您在获得政府项目资格和评估长期护理选择的迷宫中导航. 我们的第一步将是审查医疗保险制度, 医疗补助计划, 社会保障甚至退伍军人福利来盘点哪些资源可以用于护理需求.

Each program has specific qualifications and associated paperwork. As you may have al准备好了 discovered, securing these resources isn’t always easy. But don’t throw up your hands – bet9九州体育登录线路 us and we can review the options together.

我们的房地产律师随时可以与您会面,讨论长期护理计划,并解决可能看起来势不可当的融资挑战. 请拨打812-725-8224与我们bet9九州体育登录线路,让我们开始寻找解决方案.

我们的房地产律师可以帮助您获得授权书 & 监护

Estate lawyers understand the importance of having the proper documents in place.


Having a properly drafted power of attorney is the cornerstone for every estate plan. Just as you don’t want to drive down an interstate highway without a spare tire, 当你要去医院或养老院的时候,你肯定不想发现自己没有一份起草妥当的委托书.

作为包罗万象的老年人护理计划的一部分, our estate lawyers will work together with you to ensure that, 当有需要时, you have an up-to-date and comprehensively drafted power of attorney.

委托书将法律授权给签名者所选择的代表他或她做决定的人. It may be effective immediately or at some predetermined later point in time, 它可以广泛地涵盖所有决策,也可以只授权关于某些问题的决策.

Executing a power of attorney is essential to safeguarding the health, 随着年龄的增长,我们面临的经济和护理问题. For a power of attorney to act with full legal authority, 文件必须准确而详尽, and it is best to complete it before major cognitive disabilities arise.


如果你没有适当起草的授权书,监护可能是必要的. 监护 are court ordered; consequently, 当事人必须出庭,并且必须证明经济和/或医疗援助的必要性. 监护 are often more expensive than a properly drafted power of attorney, and the record-keeping requirements are often much more extensive.

When you are 准备好了 to learn more about protecting yourself, 或者你爱的人, through the security and protection offered by a power of attorney or a 监护, please do not hesitate to bet9九州体育登录线路 the estate planning attorneys at Church, 兰登, Lopp, Banet法律.

We have worked with many families to safeguard their loved ones. 让我们帮助您找到满足您需求的选择.



Probate is the process your loved one’s estate will go through when they die. It can be either simple or complicated, depending on how well you plan. 在最好的情况下, 遗嘱是井然有序的, 非常高效。, and relatively easy process that is over within a short period. At its worst, it can be expensive, slow, and often frustrating.

首先要做的是确保 遗嘱认证过程 平滑是鼓励你所爱的人创建一个遗嘱作为一个更大的遗产计划的一部分吗. 遗愿和遗嘱将列出他们希望如何将资产分配给受益人. Without a will, a person is said to have died “intestate.“当这种情况发生时, 印第安纳州遗嘱法典 and a 遗嘱认证 court will determine how a person’s assets are distributed, 这可能反映或不反映那个人的意愿. So, work with an estate planning attorney to draft a will.

除了, you may want to create a revokable or irrevocable trust; ensure that all retirement and life insurance policies have named beneficiaries; and confirm that pensions, ira, 银行账户, and other financial accounts have named beneficiaries and/or payable-on-death status. 通过这样做,许多资产可以完全避免遗嘱认证程序,直接归继承人所有. This is one way to simplify and streamline the 遗嘱认证过程. 如果这一切听起来很复杂,它可能是复杂的. 我们的 遗嘱认证的律师 would be glad to answer your questions and discuss these measures in greater detail. 请随时给我们打电话.


许多州, 包括印第安纳州, 吃特色菜, simplified process for what are considered “small estates.” An 印第安纳小庄园 房产的价值是50美元吗,扣除债务后不超过5000美元, 障碍, 留置权, 并扣除丧葬费用. 共同资产(与配偶或其他人共同拥有)和受益人指定(如上文提到的)不包括在50美元中,000 maximum estate amount to qualify for the “small estate” process. Joint assets can include things like a house co-owned by a married couple, 联名银行账户, 其他共有财产. 如果遗产资产低于50美元,000年的水平, then you will be able to take advantage of a simplified, abbreviated 遗嘱认证过程 that takes less time and costs significantly less. To find out if you qualify for the “small estate” process, 向有资格且经验丰富的老年律师咨询.

All of this demonstrates that there’s a lot to know about the estate planning, 老法, 还有遗嘱认证程序,你知道的越多, 你准备得越充分. 提前计划是你或你所爱的人可以给幸存的家庭成员的一份巨大的礼物. 他们将能够享受美好生活的回忆,而不是对杂乱无章的遗产感到焦虑和压力. 很多次, 人们不喜欢思考生命终结的问题, 但是当你这么做的时候, it gives you time while you’re still healthy to talk to your heirs, 解释你的愿望, 回答他们的问题. This can help avoid hurt feelings and confusion later on.

我们的 Kentuckiana Estate Attorney Gives Support to Caregivers

随着年龄的增长,照顾问题是一个普遍的问题, and support from an estate planning attorney can be invaluable.

你可能是一个在家照顾孩子的人,或者是一个希望能住得离爸爸妈妈近一点的成年孩子. 由于现代生活的挑战, the traditional definition of ‘caregiver’ is constantly changing. 通常, 患有阿尔茨海默氏症等慢性疾病, the solutions that fit one day are no longer appropriate the next. 教堂的律师们, 兰登, Lopp, Banet法律努力为您提供选择, so that you can craft a plan that best fits the care needs of your loved ones.

许多家庭都依赖丘奇、兰登、洛普、巴内特·劳来回答他们关于长辈的问题. 我们代表家庭和他们所爱的人,就老龄化带来的法律和经济问题向他们提供咨询, 残疾和严重疾病.

Whether you’re planning for your own future or for the future of a loved one, 请考虑允许我们帮助你. 请立即bet9九州体育登录的新奥尔巴尼地产律师,拨打812-725-8224开始寻找解决方案.


“我们做了遗产规划. 他们很优秀. 让事情变得简单. 包括流程图. 一切都解释得很透彻. 所有的文件我们都准备得非常准确和迅速. 我一定会再给他们打电话.——道格·哈丁 (谷歌审查)


在印第安纳州和肯塔基州都有执业执照, Steve 兰登 is an experienced 老法 and trial attorney. 除了他的诉讼和审判工作, 史蒂夫的执业包括立遗嘱, 信托基金, 遗嘱认证, 医疗补助计划, 监护, 授权书, 以及高级指导计划, including living wills and health care surrogate designations. [ 律师生物 ]


Gary is licensed to practice law in both 印第安纳州 and 肯塔基州. 他专注于遗产规划, 遗产及信托管理, 遗产及信托诉讼, 监护, 老年人法和特殊需求规划. 加里赢得了他的J。.D. 来自路易斯维尔大学,路易斯D. 布兰代斯法学院毕业,曾在宾汉姆格林鲍姆多尔和怀亚特塔兰特律师事务所执业 & 库姆斯. [ 律师生物 ]